With more than 40 years of experience, Svenson Hair Centers are globally renowned as the leader in hair and scalp care programmes, providing various innovative hair weave solutions.

The first Asian centre opened in Hong Kong in 1973, and the Asian network has now expanded across Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Macau and Brunei.

At the forefront of trichological research, we are supported by an international group of highly experienced and professionally qualified trichologists.

With our extensive experience in both hair and scalp treatments along with hair weave solutions (Svenson Addhair Technologies), we are able to customize a programme to help you solve the following problems:
  • hair loss
  • receding and thinning hair
  • fuzzy or indistinct hair-line
  • flakiness and dandruff
  • oily and greasy hair
  • dry brittle, "lackluster" hair
  • spilt ends / broken hair
So whether it is dealing with hair loss or gaining more hair through Svenson Addhair Technologies, you're in expert hands with the trusted name of hair professionals.

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